Image Capture

In terms of photographic documentation, a picture is worth much more than a thousand words.

Image Capture Image Capture

We give the study sites every advantage for taking the best medical photography. Purpose built photographic systems coupled with computer controlled capture software leaves little to chance.

Our expert staff works to customize and individualize the optimal image capture system for your study sites. Equipment is designed specifically for the specific anatomical locations and indication. All equipment includes training and support from your dedicated Project Management Team.

Our specialized stereotactic devices and scales help reduce the photographic variables that can plague a study's medical images.


From point and shoot cameras, to comprehensive anatomical imaging, to 3D imaging and multispectral imagery, Canfield has the answers to all of your needs.

We have a large number of standardized equipment and parts that can be configured to your exact needs including:

  • Stereotactic Devices
  • Handheld systems
  • Mobile Studios
  • Specialized Lighting Systems
  • Close-up Scales

Canfield Capture

Canfield Capture Canfield Capture

Canfield Capture is a linear based software system that interfaces with our photography equipment to dramatically improve the imaging experience and subsequent delivery of the images to Canfield. Advantages include:

  • Ease of Use
  • Customized screens and prompts on a per study basis
  • Internationalization and native language support
  • Transparent overlay tool helps insure consistent serial imaging by superimposing a live follow up view over the subject's stored reference image
  • Image review prior to submission
  • Multiple methods of submitting images to Canfield—instant submit, background submit, nightly submissions via the web, local export to drive and mail