Graphic Services

Canfield's cutting edge Graphics Team has the talent, creativity, and custom technology to present your study in the best light possible.


Photo numeric scales for both aesthetic and severity grading are a way to measure outcome, and assess change over time. Canfield has significant expertise in working with key opinion leaders to develop, and with investigators to validate these instruments.

Acne Scale

We Are Publication Experts

Posters, e-submissions, masking to ensure subject privacy and building effective presentations. Additionally, we develop key aids to drive studies; training manuals and Quick Reference Guides are designed to ensure that sites have the necessary, easy-to-use instructions at their fingertips to ensure that the image capture is consistent while adhering to the protocol.

Graphic Services Assembling a Body Mapping Print Book


  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Equipment Set-Up Guides
  • Translations for Training Materials and Guides
  • Video production and hosting


Publication of study photographs and resulting data can be achieved in a meaningful, simple to follow, yet effective fashion. Capabilities include:

  • Electronic submission support (customized PDF bookmarking)
  • High-resolution digital printing and labeling
  • Color correction (adjustments for film/digital camera processing color shifts and multiple time points for publication purposes)
  • PowerPoint presentations (clinical, marketing/sales, symposia, key opinion leaders))
  • Custom print books