Extracting meaningful data from images is achieved in a number of ways providing both Quantitative and Qualitative data sets: a combination that yields a complementary data set that communicates a compelling story of efficacy.

VAESTRO Technician Image Analysis Technician

Image analysis methods are developed and executed by experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated individuals. Independent Panel Reviews provides an effective way to obtain objective measures.

Quantitative Analysis

We offer customized solutions that extract quantitative information from images to provide your clinical research, or product efficacy studies, a competitive and scientific edge. Imaging data produced in our 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment is routinely submitted to the FDA and regulatory authorities worldwide in support of both new drug applications and advisory panel meetings.

When used in conjunction with our 2D & 3D standardized photographic equipment, Canfield can deliver quantitative data for use in new drug applications, claims substantiations, publications, promotions, and marketing.

Our analysis applications and tools are developed and maintained in house, and are developed in a collaborative and iterative effort with all necessary stakeholders to ensure a quality product. The methods are continually improved as new analysis and image capture techniques become available.

Qualitative Analysis

Independent Panel Review Independent Panel Review

Independent Panel Reviews (IPRs) can be an effective method for obtaining objective measures on the efficacy of an indication. Canfield follows through on our image capture capabilities to develop any number of custom formatted, blinded, randomized review of the captures. We provide solutions that are web-based, mobile friendly for iPads, multiscreen set-ups to view multiple images in full size, and a number of other applications.